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IMQA (Mobile Performance Monitoring) Solution

IMQA thoroughly monitors all the layers of a mobile application.

ㆍChecking collision with other apps
ㆍMeasuring the internal resource usage
ㆍAnalyzing the relationship with environmental factors
ㆍFinding the cause of failure to the source code level


It's the fastest way to secure the quality of your mobile app.
IMQA MPM is a filter-based Mobile Performance Monitoring (MPM) solution that can analyze the performance of all layers.
  • Filter-Based Multilayer Analysis

    You can identify the cause of the failure by analyzing various indicators such as Screen, Process, Operating System Version Analysis, Area of Use, and Device Type.

  • Resource Usage Analysis

    You can easily identify areas that use the CPU, Memory, Network, UI Rendering, and many more resources.

  • Problem Diagnosis and Source-Code-Level Analysis

    You can clearly define the cause of the problem in your mobile application by comparing the cause of the failure with the stack information and by analyzing resource usage and comprehensive correlation.

  • Statistics and Reports

    You can print out periodic reports in the following formats: Daily Report, Weekly Report, and Monthly Report.


  • Have you not been able to collect data even after several crashes?

    Overseas crash services collect data by sampling (collecting only part of it), or there is data loss since the server itself is located overseas. IMQA collects data from the countries most needed by customers.

  • Transparent Data Release

    Overseas crash/platform service companies tend to hide their unfavorable data. IMQA stacks all data transparently.

  • Powerful linkage with MPM

    It can be used in conjunction with the MPM (Mobile Performance Monitoring) solution that works with various performance indicators not simply seen in crash reports.

  • Freedom from dSYM Management

    Did you upload the dSYM file to the server every time for Symbolication? IMQA does not have to do that. Everything is automated.

  • User-Defined Log Support

    With its user-defined log/ID support, you can do a more detailed causal analysis in the event of a crash.

  • Flexible Installation Method Support

    You can install it by using any of the following methods: Installation Type, Service Type, and Hybrid Type. It can be installed according to each customer's situation.

  • Open Source Project Support

    Open source projects are available free of charge. Please contact IMQA (

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