ONYCOM is a company that specializes in the development and distribution of Total ICT Solution & Service in line with the era of smart revolution and creative economy.


We introduce the major history of our company including the following stages: Foundation & Challenges, Change & Development, and Growth & Leap.

  • Selected as a carbon-neutral, and climate technology data archive construction project by the National Institute of Green Technology
  • Contract with Dreamus FLO Platform SQA
  • Contract with Aptner App/Web SQA
  • Contract with S-1 security system SQA
  • Contract with S-1 SecomLink Pro Development
  • Contract with 'Samsung Electronics MX(Mobile Experience) Business Division Products SQA
  • Contract with Samsung Electronics DPC(Device Platform Center) Home IoT Solution SQA
  • SW Test Center GS(Good Software) Certification Consulting service launched
  • Contract with Samsung Semiconductor S.LSI Wireless Connectivity SQA
  • Contract with SKT AI Service SQA (NUGU, Adot, iFland)
  • 'IMQA Mobile Performance Monitoring Solutions' supply contract with Busan Bank, Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute, longest
  • Contract with Smilegate Stove Game Launcher Platform SQA
  • Contract with Korea Environment Corporation Contract for Automotive Environment Big Data Project
  • Contract with SKT LITMUS AI Protect Advanced Development Project
  • Contract with National Tax Service's Big Data Analysis Model Development Project
  • WPM Web Monitoring service launched
  • Contract awarded for 'SaaS Advancement’ business from NIPA
  • Contract awarded for ‘AI Data Creation’ business from NIA (AI Patient’s Fall Data, AI Data of Seaweed Lightwave,AI Data of gravel quality, AI drilling core data)
  • Contract with SKT ifland Automation Data QA
  • Contract with Samsung S1 mTworks Contracts To Build Remote Mobile Test Center
  • Contract with Japan SBJ DNX mTworks Remote Mobile Test Solution
  • 'IMQA' web-based JavaScript crash version released (2022.12)
  • Establishment of artificial intelligence-based sewage pipeline defect detection system (Seoul Metropolitan Government)
  • Automotive environment big data refinement and analysis center website construction (Korea Environment Corporation)
  • Establishment of convergence climate technology data information platform (Green Technology Center)
  • Conducted Location LITMUS AI Project (SKT)
  • 2022 big data utilization analysis model development and maintenance performance (National Tax Service)
  • Development of AI-based artificial intelligence solution for FEMS (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
  • National Information Society Agency, big data center construction project (Korea Management Registrar)
  • Development of video subtitle extraction model (Seoul Metropolitan Government)
  • Face recognition engine performance verification and evaluation system advancement (Ministry of Justice. REPUBLIC OF KOREA)
  • AI model verification project for missing persons (Korean National Police Agency)
  • Conducted illegal copy reading system business (Korea Customs Service)
  • KOLAS’ software field internationally accredited testing agency certification (2022.02)
  • 'IMQA' Received 'Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication Award' at the 2021 Cloud Business Integration Performance Presentation
  • B2C service IMQA solution operation, maintenance contract signed (Amorepacific)
  • Established BigData AI Research Lab. (2021.05)
  • Face recognition engine performance verification and evaluation system advancement agreement (National IT Industry Promotion Agency)
  • Participated in the Vietnam People's Court information system establishment project (Supreme Court of Korea)
  • Head office moved to Dutupbawi-ro, Yongsan-gu (2021.02.05)
  • LITMUS task development and verification/Positioning Engine advancement development (SKT)
  • Sewerage defect detection pilot project using artificial intelligence image analysis technology (Seoul Metropolitan Government)
  • Artificial intelligence identification tracking system performance verification business agreement (National IT Industry Promotion Agency)
  • Agent platform performance improvement point discovery Quality evaluation contract (Hyundai MOTOR COMPANY, Kia Motors)
  • Development of AI solution to support sewage pipe fault diagnosis using sewage pipe image data
  • Traffic information prediction platform data analysis and verification contract (SKT)
  • Big data system establishment and analysis model development project (Korea Customs)
  • Won the best prize in the KSB AI framework/platform utilization contest (National Research Council of Science Technology)
  • Signed a contract to supply IMQA mobile performance monitoring solution (SK hynix, Citibank)
  • 'IMQA' ,mobile performance monitoring solution, participated in MWC 2019
  • 'TestForte V 2.0' obtained TTA GS (Good Softward) 1st grade certification
  • Bigdata department participated in 'Korea DataHub Alliance'
  • 'IMQA' Acquired GS (Good Software) Grade 1 certification
  • 'IMQA' Participated in BeSTCon (Better Software Testing Conference) 2019
  • 'Platform Verification Team' Selected as the best partner by ktds platform service division
  • 2019 4th SW Test Design Contest Korea Information and Communication Technology Association President Award
  • 'IMQA' Participated in 2019 Korea Software Exhibition
  • Made a domestic sole distributor contract with GTPlus for Mobile Performance Monitoring Solution 'IMQA'
  • Made a reseller contract with MOBISTACKS in Japan for Mobile Performance Monitoring Solution 'IMQA'
  • Launched 'Goldendays' mobile app
  • Opened 'TestForte MTS', a specialized test service for app testing.
  • Established ONYCOM Co., Ltd in Japan
  • 'IMQA' won a grand award in the Technology Innovation category from the Mobile Award Korea 2018 Mobile Management section
  • Held the Tokyo product demonstration of ankus, a Big Data analysis solution
  • ONYCOM, certified as a partner of SK HOLDINGS
  • Released the open source 'ankus Analyzer G' for a public big data system
  • Opened the 'Golden Days' service, a dedicated filial product shopping mall for the silver generation
  • Won an excellence award in the Public Sector category from 'the 13th Web Awards Korea'
  • ankus, a Big Data analysis solution, won the ‘Grand Prize’ in the IT Brand category from the 2016 Korea Customer Satisfaction Brand
  • ONYCOM, designated as an Advanced Technology Center (ATC)
  • ankus, a Big Data analysis solution, acquired the 'First-Class TTA GS (Good Software) certification'
  • Entered the tourism content service business by building and delivering the Jeju Tour Information Smart Platform.
  • Achieved the first TMMi Level 2 certification in Korea’s Quality Assurance (QA) industry
  • Won an excellence award in the Public Sector category from 'the 12th Web Awards Korea'
  • Won an excellence award in the Public Sector category from 'the 12th Smart App Awards Korea'
  • Developed and delivered an online mobile application test tool
  • Awarded the Grand Prize at the Biz. Idea Festival hosted by SK C&C
  • Awarded the "MSIP Minister’s Prize in the New S/W Product category at Korea Software Awards" hosted by the Federation of Korean Information Industries (FKII)
  • Selected as 'a support provider for SME product commercialization' by Seoul Business Agency(SBA)
  • Made a contract with the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) to establish its Mobile Convergence Technology Center
  • ankus, a Big Data analysis solution, selected as an 'Innovative Enterprise Technology Development Project'
  • ankus, a Big Data analysis solution, selected as an 'SME Venture Big Data Solution Commercialization Project'
  • Entered the military system integration business by winning a contract for the army application system integration project
  • Selected as a support provider for open software development based on Big Data sponsored by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA)
  • Selected as one of the 'Top 100 Great Places to Work (GPTW)'
  • Developed and distributed 'The Owl’, an automated test solution for Android OS
  • Certified as an 'Excellent Job Creation Company’ in the first half of 2013
  • Declared ONYCOM’s value management
  • Selected as a support project for R & D technology development by Korea Creative Content Agency
  • Released the ‘JaBangGoo(Are you looking for a room?)’ app, a real estate offer service
  • Obtained the 'Venture Business Certification' from the Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KOTEC)
  • Obtained 'Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certification'
  • Certified as an Innovative SME Business (INNO-BIZ)
  • Won the KCC Chairman’s Prize at the "11th Mobile Technology Awards"
  • Built and delivered a Ship Station NFC information Retrieval System
  • Expanded ONYCOM’s industrial R&D Center (Yongin, Gyeonggi-do)
  • Entered the mobile game production business
  • Developed and supplied an enterprise Project Management Solution (PMS)
  • Registered as a member by the ‘Korea Software Enterprise Association’
  • Acquired a patent for a ‘test method for automatically testing portable devices and apparatus'
  • Entered the mobile application development and supply business
  • Selected as a partner to develop and supply the Samsung Bada OS SDK and to develop apps
  • Established the QA process of portable devices and entered the development verification business
  • Established a new subsidiary (ONYCOM JAPAN, Inc.) in Japan
  • Developed and supplied WCDMA SQA and LSDP systems for a mobile communication provider
  • Established ONYCOM’s industrial R&D Center and obtained certification
  • Certified as a management innovation SME (MAIN-BIZ)
  • Established a new subsidiary (ONYCOM USA, Inc.)
  • Developed and supplied a software quality management system package
  • Developed and supplied an Integrated Software Defect Management System (SQMS)
  • Developed and supplied a Mobile 4G Platform Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Reorganized the portal site of Korea Tourism College and signed a management contract
  • Made a contract with LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics to provide XIP
  • Provided technical support for field tests of European and US 3G mobile communication service providers
  • Developed and supplied SQES GUI software for Samsung Electronics DM Lab
  • Made a contract with Hotel Capital and Juniper Networks Korea to develop and operate their corresponding websites
  • Provided Samsung Electronics with technical support for its Sprint PCS Java Handset Porting
  • Made a contract with KTF to build and operate its website
  • Selected as an agency operating the KTF MagicN Multipack Website
  • Selected as a game content provider at NGGS (Nokia Global Games Summit)
  • Awarded a Participation Prize at an Excellent Game Pre-Production Support Contest run by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST)
  • Developed a Mobile 3G Platform SDK (Software Development Kit)
  • Developed and supplied a mobile device SDK
  • Made a contract to supply mobile game content to KTF and SK Telecom
  • Selected as a final candidate for the mobile category from the Korea Game Awards
  • Selected as a promising digital content development company by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
  • Selected as ‘The Best Corporate Booth' at COMDEX Korea 2001
  • Selected as an ‘Informatization Promotion Fund target company‘ by the Ministry of Information and Communication (Korea’s MIC)
  • Developed a mobile content simulation game and entered the service business
  • Supplied base station LPAR systems exclusively to Samsung Electronics, ShinSegi Telecom and SK Telecom
  • Made a contract with Spectrian, Alcatel, Datum and EMS Wireless to exclusively supply their solutions in Korea.
  • Made a contract with MDC Technology and Xicom Technology to exclusively supply their solutions in Korea
  • Established ONYCOM Inc. (1998.09.04)