Main Business Areas

With our professional technicians, we at ONYCOM have been making outstanding achievements in various business fields and have been well-known for our technologies and achievements abroad.

Quality Assurance(QA)

We provide international standard quality assurance and management services by acquiring Korea’s first global quality assurance certification (TMMi Level2).


QA (Quality Assurance) Business?

We have the best technology in all testing aspects (test planning, design, testing, analysis and reporting) on the basis of our rich experience, quality factor verification compliant with international standards, and automated verification using automatic testing tools. As a result, we not only help our customers reduce costs but also provide customized consulting and outsourcing services as a one-stop solution.

Business Areas

What is TestForte?

TestForte is the name representing the QA services provided by ONYCOM. It is a testing total service that provides overall testing-related services (environment building, testing, tool support, consulting and management) throughout the software life cycle.

To provide the best possible customer service, it consists of a test group and a test solution development group with rich experience. We adhere to a standard quality verification process based on international standards and TMMi.

Service Process

  • 테스트 정책과 전략

    Testing Policies & Strategies

    ㆍDefine policies and principles
    ㆍDefine test strategies
    ㆍEstablish goals according to project direction and characteristics
    ㆍDefine and manage performance metrics for goals
    ㆍEstablish test policies and strategy management process

  • 테스트 계획

    Test Planning

    ㆍDefine the purpose / target / scope of the test requirements
    ㆍDefine and identify functional and non-functional risk categories and variables
    ㆍPredict project risks and establish countermeasures
    ㆍDefine test design techniques
    ㆍEstablish risk-specific efficient strategies and analyze man-month estimation
    ㆍIdentify testing human resources and establish schedule
    ㆍDefine the testing start, stop & resume, and end conditions

  • 테스트 모니터링과 제어

    Test Monitoring and Control

    ㆍMonitor and control the completion rate and performance rate against the plan
    ㆍMonitor and control testing services, man-month, costs, etc.
    ㆍPeriodically report issues identified by monitoring to stakeholders
    ㆍIdentify and analyze new risks or changes
    ㆍAnalyze and measure issues through monitoring activities

  • 테스트 설계와 수행

    Test Design and Testing

    ㆍCreate test cases
    ㆍSelect testing conditions and effective testing sequence
    ㆍDefine defect management process and report
    ㆍPerform efficient tests based on checklist in advance
    ㆍPerform actual tests and report the results
    (Fault Analysis, Tracking and Recording)

  • 테스트 환경관리

    Test Environment Management

    ㆍIdentify test environment requirements
    ㆍManage the test environment that is close to the actual environment and can guarantee reproducibility.
    ㆍManage all outputs in terms of access, security, backup and re-use.

  • 테스트 종료

    Test Termination

    ㆍCheck full compliance with test services, man-month and costs.
    ㆍRecord and analyze the differences between the test plan and the actual test situation.
    ㆍRecord and analyze the test results and metrics.
    ㆍAnalyze the effectiveness and efficiency of testing activities performed and improve the testing process.

Service Areas

Advantages of Services

  • Optimal test process and testing services based on international standards

    ㆍISO/IEC25010, ISO29119, TMMi Level2 certification

  • Rich Experience

    ㆍExperience in Global Field Tests (Americas, Europe, China, Japan) / Experience in working with global companies
    ㆍOver 10-year experience in various products and projects, including mobile devices, PC applications


    ㆍEstablishing the QA process for each project stage.
    ㆍApplying an optimal testing technique to each project development stage.
    ㆍMeeting various requirements of the development team including GUI testing, UIT, MMT, and performance testing

  • Module-Specific Specialization

    ㆍSupporting module-specific division of labor and have professional personnel
    ㆍApplying a testing methodology and techniques suitable for each system and target project based on international standards
    ㆍPerforming test projects in various fields such as mobile devices (Smart Phones), Web services, Embedded Software, etc.


    ㆍApplying test automation technologies such as TestForte, Web TestForte, and Smart TestForte
    ㆍSupporting 24-hour remote automation tests
    ㆍResponding quickly to product performance and problems even after development completion

Quality Testing

Quality testing supports all types of testing services at each stage of software product development and provides on-demand testing services meeting customer requirements.

Service Offerings

  • Functional Testing

    Dysfunctional software products result in lost sales, wasted resources, lost opportunity costs, and delayed releases. Functional testing is a test technique used for testing the system to ensure that all functional scenarios (including fault paths and caution-required cases) meet project requirements. TestForte functional testing service combines industry know-how and consulting expertise to ensure that functional requirements are met, regardless of documented forms, user stories or undefined requirements. Therefore, it ensures quality and reliability in various software projects.

    - Module/Component level Testing
    - System Testing
    - Integration Testing
    - System Integration Testing

  • Performance Testing

    Developing products with the highest performance and scalability in today's competitive environments and maintaining them at a stable and consistent level are essential for successful software development. For this reason, it is necessary to effectively predict system operation and performance in real life. We have dedicated TestForte performance testing experts. With their rich experience, they use tools related to performance testing services to test product quality attributes in terms of speed (response time), scalability, reliability and interoperability.

    - Load Testing: Evaluates software behavior at a specific expected load
    - Stress Testing: Identifies maximum software capacity
    - Volume Testing: Evaluates software productivity as stored and processed data increases
    - Scalability Testing: Measures software functionality with improved processing power and architectural changes
    - Stability Testing: Determines the impact of configuration changes on system performance and operation
    - Configuration Testing: Verifies software operation with multiple software and hardware configurations

  • Security Testing

    Nowadays, information leaks occur frequently, so security testing has become an essential part of software product development strategies. To help customers protect and proactively prevent their products and systems from security threats, TestForte employs the latest industry standards and testing methods and provides vulnerability assessments of the Web environment and a simulated hacking test service of the operating system.

    - Security Evaluation
    - Vulnerability Scanning
    - Simulated Hacking Testing compliant with Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES)
    - Advance Authentication Security Audit
    - Static Code Analysis

  • Usability Testing

    Usability is a very important factor in determining whether each product can be successful or a failure in the marketplace. TestForte creates scenarios from the user's perspective and performs usability testing on real users.

    - Establishing testing strategy for formative/general usability evaluation
    - Diagnosing usability indicators based on QC (Quality Characteristics - reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability and portability)
    - Performing usability issues analysis and configuration management of the identified defects
    - Providing reports on various user environment test results
    - Providing user survey and statistics services

  • Compatibility Testing

    These days, consumers use software products on a wide range of smartphones and tablets running various operating systems and browsers. For the purpose of development of consistent, reliable and high-quality products regardless of device or platform, TestForte supports a variety of systems to accommodate all combinations of OSes and browsers with multiple mobile and tablet devices running iOS, Android and Windows.

    - Cross-Browser Testing
    - Cross-Platform Testing

  • Localization Testing

    As the world changes into a global village, one software product is being used across national boundaries in today's IT market. The key to these internationalized software products is to maintain the product's universal capabilities and to adapt easily to local languages, local cultures, local standards and other variables. TestForte provides localization testing services to test products and services in a local network environment. As a result, it helps customers reduce test costs, analyzes identified field issues, and provides reports on local user usability defect levels.

    - Performing tests based on the national network environment in which the product is released
    - Performing usability and functional tests using local professional testers
    - Analyzing detected field issues and providing reports on local user usability defect levels

  • Test Automation

    Rapidly launching high-quality products in today's software market is a key factor in competition. During each stage of software product development, it takes a lot of time to run tests and the testing time is closely related to the quality of each product. To shorten the testing time, automation can speed software product releases and reduce test repetition costs. TestForte can minimize the burden of time and manpower requirements and reduce time to market by building an automated testing environment and providing tools.

    - Providing test automation tools (ONYCOM solutions), automation training
    - Providing consulting on test automation tool internalization and technical support for tools
    - Outsourcing automation tools-based testing
    - Building test automation environments

Quality Consulting

Quality consulting helps build an infrastructure system to improve the testing maturity within an organization. It can help you not only support the project requirements more effectively but also reduce test flaws, development time and costs.

Consulting Areas

  • Building and improving the test process

    Evaluating test organizations and practices
    Establishing a strategy for applying the test process
    Building/improving the customized process

  • Test Strategy (Analysis and Design) Consulting

    Risk-based testing
    Test case design using certified techniques
    Considering ISO 25010 quality characteristics

  • Test Management Consulting

    Issue Management
    Configuration Management
    Resource Management
    Output Management

Consulting Process

  • 테스트 정책과 전략

    Analyzing Testing Policies & Strategies

    Analyze Requirements
    Interview Stakeholders
    Analyze Problems
    Identify Problems

  • 테스트 계획

    Establishing Test Plans

    Establish an improvement plan
    Establish a roadmap

  • 테스트 모니터링과 제어

    Performing test monitoring and control

    Providing consulting

  • 테스트 설계와 수행

    Completing test design and testing

    Provide test completion report
    Provide outputs
    Provide training
    Provide a maintenance guide

Advantages of Consulting

  • Transparently Measurable IT Processes

  • A clear understanding of project costs and budget planning

  • Infrastructure setup and optimization (System Tracing, Environmental Testing)

  • A working environment suitable for business operations and processes

  • Quality assurance, development, close and effective cooperation among business units

  • Reduced heuristic errors and communication problems

  • Improved work efficiency and improved software testing strategies

  • Optimized development and quality control efforts

Project Management

We provide our customers with efficient methods for managing their project progress including schedules, costs, personnel, work, etc.

  • Reducing time
    to market

  • Increasing

  • Efficient

  • Improving
    Product Quality

  • Reducing the cost
    of introducing
    new products

  • Obtaining insight
    into key
    business processes

  • Improving reporting
    and analytical

Project Management Areas

  • Requirement Management

    ㆍManaging history of adding/deleting/modifying subdivided requirements at each stage

  • Issue and Defect Management

    ㆍEnsuring traceability by managing issues and defects discovered through process execution

  • Configuration Management

    ㆍManaging source codes through linkage with SVN and Git and providing configuration change management of each work item.

  • Testing and Quality Control

    ㆍEnsuring systematic quality control using quantitative data based on test results through test cases

  • Build and Release Management

    ㆍManaging project-specific build and release history (linked with Jenkins, Maven, ANT, Electric Commander)