ONYCOM is a company that specializes in the development and distribution of Total ICT Solution & Service in line with the era of smart revolution and creative economy.

Certifications & Patents

We have obtained numerous domestic and international patents and corporate certifications on the basis of innovative ICT convergence solutions and technology.

TMMi Level 2 (QA)

TMMi Level 2 (ICT Solution)

TTMMi Level 2 (IT Service Devision)

Certificate of MAIN-BIZ

Certificate of INNO-BIZ

GS(GoodSoftware) First-Class Certificate

Test method for automatically testing portable devices and apparatus

Method and system for automating a scene-based test

Method and system for sharing testing resources through the web

Medical caring system for pregnant women and method of using the same

Device and method for recommending related content based on social network

Apparatus and method for providing a data analysis tool based on purpose

사Apparatus and method for providing a data analysis tool with user created analysis module

System and method for automatic application tests using a script

Device and method for managing application tests

System and method for social network-based cultural content distribution

System and method for app testing

Method, device and computer program for providing content