ONYCOM is a company that specializes in the development and distribution of Total ICT Solution & Service in line with the era of smart revolution and creative economy.

CEO Message

The world is surrounded by a massive discourse on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and there are doubts and expectations about what changes will happen to markets, to enterprises, to individuals, and to families.

According to insights from a corporate perspective, services which have only been available in your imagination so far are going to become realities by interconnecting a number of smart devices, such as high-speed Internet networks, sensors and smart phones.

The keywords in this trend are represented as Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT). Understanding the cycle of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through these keywords will help you understand the huge and dramatic changes that will take place in humanity.

In response, ONYCOM has been preparing and implementing specific strategies for solution development and convergence services which play a key role in this change.

First, we provide optimized system design, development and consulting services using our own Big Data Analysis Solution (ankus).
Second, we provide smart solutions to innovate the productivity and quality of new services.
Third, we provide a customized QA service based on the TMMi Level 2 international standard license.
Fourth, we build, maintain, and improve the software functionality of integrated wired and wireless systems equipped with new IT technologies.

The change has already begun, and I am sure only the companies which have prepared and practiced for the era of such stormy winds can be the protagonist of the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
We will be at the forefront of the change and we will try our best to make your challenges successful.