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Big Data Solution

Our Web-GUI-based data mining and machine learning analysis solution can easily handle big data.

  • ankus Library
    A Data Mining / Machine Learning Analysis Algorithm Library

    ㆍIt supports optimization based on Hadoop (Big-Data Distributed Parallel Processing System)
    ㆍIt supports data mining / machine learning functions
    ㆍIt allows you to apply analysis functions to products and services requiring data analysis.

  • ankus analyzer
    A Web GUI-Based Data Mining/Machine Learning Analysis Tool

    ㆍIt supports features making it easy for everyone to perform analysis as a high-level predictive analytical tool based on big data from the user's point of view.

    - It allows you to access it and to perform analysis anytime, anywhere on the Internet.
    - There is no need for installing separate SW since it is based on Web browsers.
    - It allows you to enjoy intuitive utilization and analysis without expert knowledge

    ㆍFrom a business perspective, we disclose the source code and operate a support community so that operators can use OSS (Open Source Software), ankus analyzer, to create added value.

    - Using ankus analyzer source codes allows you to develop secondary works/to create profits
    - We support information sharing/technical support through our ankus community
    - It is possible to customize a company using our developed/open source ankus analyzer to reflect universal requirements.

  • ankus Optimizer
    A Hadoop-based Predictive Model Optimization Module

    ㆍIt was developed through an open-source software development support project in 2016, and was released in November, 2016
    ㆍIt is an optimization solution for predictive models created by data analysts.
    ㆍIt derives an optimized prediction model through evolution of a genetic algorithm
    ㆍIt supports C4.5, Random Forest, MLP, KNN algorithms (Total 4 types) (as of July 2017)
    ㆍIt reduces the time required to create a high-performance predictive model and increases the time efficiency of data analysts

  • ankus Appliance
    An Integrated Hadoop Appliance: ankus analyzer (SW) + Appliance (HW) + Maintenance / Technical Support (Service)

    ㆍIt is an Apache Hadoop-based Appliance that supports big-data distributed parallel processing with excellent price competitiveness
    ㆍIt provides optimal configuration of the brands required by our customers on the basis of default configuration and various configuration options

  • ankus 4 Industry
    Development of industry-specific intelligence information services using ankus Library and consulting

    ㆍAccording to our customers’ requirements in each industry, we provide analysis consulting/development services based on the ankus Library.

  • ankus Crawler
    Web Document Collector for Big Data Analysis

    ㆍIt was developed based on the Apache HTTP Component Project 'HTTP Client v4.5'
    ㆍIt is possible to collect Web documents with only a simple-definition Java programming and HTML decoding ability without basic knowledge of web crawlers.
    ㆍIt is convenient because it is possible to define the HTTP Web address of the target to extract and collect information from HTML documents using a script file.
    ㆍIt is available through the Apache license in July 2017 and can be viewed on GitHub. (Open Source Software)

Contact Information

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