Main Business Areas

With our professional technicians, we at ONYCOM have been making outstanding achievements in various business fields and have been well-known for our technologies and achievements abroad.

Big Data

We provide customized big data analysis services based on our own big data analysis technologies and professional manpower.


Customized Big Data business?

We have developed our own big data technologies and services and provided the corresponding services with our own brand ‘ankus’, a Hadoop-Based Big-Data Total Solution.

Since 2012, our big data experts have developed our own big data technologies and have launched various products. In addition, we have continued to provide customized analysis services and keep the corresponding examples. Big data analysis experience to be accumulated in various fields will become a useful source of big data analysis technology development required in the actual field, and this will be a driving force to keep pace with ever-increasing customer expectations.

HaDoop-based Big-Data Total Solution 'ankus'

Ankus is an Indian term for a tool employed in training elephants. It is a big-data total solution brand which means 'a tool to analyze big data'.
- It consists of Analysis Technology (Library), Analysis Products (Analyzer, Optimizer, Appliance) and Analysis Service (4 Industry) -

  • library

    Based on Hadoop
    Data Mining / Machine Learning
    Libraries (Total 20 kinds)

  • analyzer

    Based on Hadoop
    Data Mining / Machine Learning
    Analysis Tools

  • opatimizer

    Based on Hadoop
    Predictive Model Optimization Module

  • appliance

    Based on Hadoop
    Big Data Appliance

  • 4 industry

    Analysis Optimization Servic
    Using ankus Library
    in industry-specific customer products

Major Business Achievements

ankus Library


Intelligent online asset management system for financial product recommendation


Applied the library in big data analysis infrastructure

ankus analyzer


Built Energy IoT Platform


Built Big Data Analysis Platform


Built IoT (Internet of Things) platform

ankus 4 industry


Built energy use prediction model


Built big-data model to predict food accidents/risks.


Collected and analyzed big data on incinerating forest fires


Consulted ISP about Seoul Big Data Sharing Infrastructure Development Project

ankus appliance


Delivered smart factory learning tools and materials